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… if well done, their job is absolutely invisible;’ Alison Baverstock

Marketing Your Book: an author’s guide, 2007

Rebecca León

  CV: (abridged)

  • Freelance copywriter since 2012. (See client page.)
  • History degree (First)
  • Founder of first news-sheet in local community (2003)
  • Registered translator (Spanish-English) with UNESCO (Paris)
  • Previously published in national motorcycle magazine (Used Bike Guide), Bucks Examiner and in Lakeland brochure
  • Marketing lead for fundraising arm of local secondary school (ASA)

Food taste

Will try anything but prefer food prepared by someone with skill, interest and knowledge.

Favourite place

A secluded cove on the east of Mallorca

Worst traits

Shopping for cufflinks, ties and shirts. Spending too long dressing for meetings (matching ties, cufflinks and shirts..)

Best traits

Analytical. Tenacious. Loyal.

Can’t live without…

Aran jumpers. Word and Excel. Liquorice. Spring.

Favourite pursuits

Scrabble. Playing the piano. Motorcycle riding. Improving my photography. Cooking.

My work ethic

Listen to the client. Maintain frequent, clear communication. Edit, check, edit, check again. Lastly… it’s not finished until the client feels entirely happy

I’m a landlady – is that okay?

Managing property is an unplanned venture for me. But that doesn’t assuage my sense of guilt (job losses, pay cuts, repossessions….) And who am I to be haggling with agents, rejecting tenants and ordering cleaners and gardeners about?

I’m acutely aware of not wanting to look like the spoiled girl who brings her new toys in to school. I feel apologetic, unworthy, self-conscious. All of which make me a terrible landlady.

How I write.

Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a page of advice on how to write (what could I possibly say?)

It’s a sharing of thoughts about how good writing can be achieved.

It’s got nothing to do with long words with Latin or Greek roots. For me, it’s visual. Much of my most well-received writing has grown from a peculiar set of images occupying my head